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Obtaining Second Passport and Dual Citizenship

Obtaining a second passport and citizenship is essential towards asset protection. For a person keen to protecting one of the most important assets – Freedom Of mobility – it offers a great option. A second passport is available to people having a citizenship of another country, however; not all countries allow for dual citizenship. CS&P is a team of experts with rich knowledge in dual citizenship and passport programs. The team offers crucial tips as well.

Second passport and dual citizenship

People having ancestors from countries with proof to recognize the lineage – possible if well documented with marriage or birth certificates, at times even baptism certificates – can help in obtaining the second passport. Anyone with the complete set of documents and certificates can apply for the citizenship and passport through an embassy or consulate office. They can also travel to the country and place their application with the immigration office or any other agency authorized to help in granting citizenship.

For instance, Ireland is a country where anyone with Irish ancestors can apply for the citizenship. They can get an Irish passport, which they can use to travel freely between 27 EU (European Union) countries and work in any of them to without applying for a work permit.

There are many other countries that allow for dual citizenship and offshore passport.

Second passport through economic investment

A wonderful opportunity for professionals to obtain a second passport is by making an economical investment. Second passport programs are offered by many countries like Dominica, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Antigua and Barbuda.

However, the investment requirements of these countries vary a lot. The programs they offer have certain criteria that applicants have to fulfill in order to obtain the offshore passport. Their investment requirements are different, processing time is different and other rules also vary.

For instance, Belgium requires an investment of 400,000 Euros, but it is for residence permit only. Citizenship and passport is issued only after five years. So, applicants must have all the information in advance.